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Seoul & Daegu

The city of Daegu is located in the central part in land of Yeongnam region at the Southeast part of Korean peninsular, and it has been the center of history, administration, education, and culture. In addition, with the fine transportation network linked in all directions, it is a point leading to numerous cultural heritages and tourist attractions to well display Korean culture, and with the third largest population of 2.5 million people, it has many distribution complexes, department stores and large shopping malls, providing ample opportunities for great shopping as well.

Geography & Location
  • - Located at the heart of the Southeastern Region Korean Peninsula, Daegu covers an area of 885.7 ㎢ and has a population of 2.54 million citizens.
  • - Several municipal policies including MilanoProject, the Herb Medicine Bio-Industry, Convention Industry
Daegu’s Natural Environment
  • - Daegu rests in the valley between Mt. Palgong and Mt. Biseul.
  • - Sincheon River runs through the centre of the city, joining the Geumho River, and the Nakdong River.
  • - Nakdong River skirts the western boundary of Daegu, and its ample water resources were key to Daegu’s transformation into a great industrial city.
Daegu has a climate, giving the city four distinct seasons.
Daegu has become an eco-friendly, clean, and ideal city to live in.
  • - Annual average temperature 14.2℃
  • - The hottest month (August) average temperture 26.3℃
  • - The coldest month (January) average temperture 0.8℃
  • - Annual average rainfall 1,059.6 mm
Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June
Temperature (℃) 0.2℃ 2.1℃ 7.1℃ 13.8℃ 18.7℃ 22.5℃
Precipitation (mm) 21.6mm 27.1mm 51.6 mm 75.2 mm 75.3 mm 140.7 mm
Month July Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Temperature (℃) 25.7℃ 26.1℃ 21.3℃ 15.4℃ 8.6℃ 2.5℃
Precipitation (mm) 206.7mm 205.8 mm 129.6 mm 42 mm 37.1 mm 15.2 mm
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