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XXIV International Congress of Entomology 2012

 The purpose of the Council is to provide continuity and direction for the International Congresses of Entomology, and to serve as the Entomology Section of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS). It may also encourage the holding of smaller inter-Congress meetings. For further details about the Council and how it functions, see its Constitution (in PDF format)

 The Council consists of not more than twenty-three (23) members, who shall represent as wide a field as possible both geographically and by entomological discipline. Membership of the Council shall be limited to distinguished entomologists who are interested in the welfare and future of the International Congresses of Entomology. Members are elected for one term of 8 years. Members can be re-elected for a second term but are not permitted to serve more than two consecutive terms.

 Council is able to appoint Honorary members as prescribed in the Constitution. Honorary Members are appointed from among entomologists who have made outstanding contributions to entomological knowledge, who have influenced entomology substantially both within and outside their own countries or regions, and who have made important contributions to the International Congresses of Entomology.

Officers of the Council:
  • Chairman : Dr Hari Sharma (appointed to Council 2004; Chairman 2008)
  • Deputy Chairman : Professor Shirley Hanrahan (appointed to Council 2004; Deputy Chair 2008)
  • Secretary/Treasurer : Dr James Ridsdill-Smith (appointed to Council 2004; Secretary/Treasurer 2008)
  • Past Chairman : Professor Frantisek Sehnal (appointed to Council 1992,2000; Past Chair 2008)


Country Year of Birth Year Appointed Field of Interest
Ashfaq, Muhammed Pakistan 1954 2008 Integrated Pest Management
Berenbaum, May USA 1953 2008 Evolution, education and outreach
Brandao, Carlos Brasil 2010 Ant taxonomy, community ecology
Cheng, Jiaan China 1942 2000 Pest management, Ecology
Denlinger, David USA 1945 2008 Physiology , Molecular biology
Dorn, Silvia Switzerland 1947 2008 Behaviour, Ecology
Ekbom, Barbara Sweden 1950 2004 Ecology, Biological control
Hanrahan, Shirley, A South Africa 1939 2004 Ecophysiology, Education
Hardie, Jim UK 1948 2008 Ecophysiology, Behaviour 
Hoy, Marjorie A USA n 2004 Biological Control, Acarology 
Kang, Le China 1959 2008 Ecology, Molecular biology 
Khan, Zeyaur Kenya 1955 2010 Pest management, biology
Kim, Byung-Jin Korea 1947 2004 Taxonomy, Molecular Phylogeny
Kipyatkov, Vladilen Russia 1949 2010 Evolution, Social insects
Lane, Robert USA 1944 1988 Medical & Veterinary Acarology
Numata, Hideharu Japan 1955 2008 Physiology, Ecophysiology
Obeng-Ofori, Daniel Ghana 1957 2010 Chemical ecology, IPM
Ridsdill-Smith, James Australia 1942 2004 Behaviour, Ecology
Sehnal, Frantisek Czech Republic 1938 1992; 2000

Physiology, Ecophysiology

Sharma, Hari C India 1954 2004 Integrated Pest Management
Takken, Willem The Netherlands 1951 1998 Medical & Veterinary Entomology
Zalucki, Myron P Australia 1954 2004 Ecology, Behaviour